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Tomorrow, legal residents of Scotland, ages 16 and older, will be voting in a referendum to decide their country’s independence from the United Kingdom. While ending a centuries-old union is a complex and emotional issue, the wording on the ballot could not be more simple — “Should Scotland be an independent country?” — with only two choices, yes or no. Interest in tomorrow’s vote is extremely high, and more than 97 percent of Scotland’s eligible voters are registered to vote. “No” voters had the edge in polls for most of the past year, but “Yes” voters surged ahead to take a brief lead just weeks ago. At the moment, polls favor a “No” vote, but the slim margin makes the outcome too close to call. As Scotland prepares to decide its future, here is a collection of images of the campaign, the voters, and the country.

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i'm so interested in the outcome! every since watching and reading outlander i've grown to appreciate scotland

redbeard-n-frieda asked:

Gelukkige verjaardag!!! Wat toevallig allemaal, gisteren was het mijn verjaardag, vandaag die van een van mijn vriendinnen én de jouwe, en we wonen ook allemaal in België! Wat een toeval :) Geniet nog van je verjaardag!

Little brainspasms Answer:

Dankuwel! ‘t Is inderdaad zo dat er veel mensen rond deze periode lijken te verjaren! Zelf ken ik ook nog 2 mensen die vandaag jarig zijn én een paar die gisteren jarig waren. Crazy shizzles! Jij ook een late gelukkige verjaardag! 

today was my birthday

And it was a very good day at that. I started last night with going out to party with one of my friends whom I have connected with more this last year and she’s always such good company and never disappoints. I really appreciated her being there with me. Several people hit on me last night and that made me feel quite good! I didn’t have a hangover, had a lovely breakfast and an amazing vegetarian lunch with my best friend, ohcurtains in Ghent. The weather was amazing - it always is on my birthday yay! - and after that we went to the historic centre to lounge and help a friend move house. The bike ride back to my appartment was so lovely because I took the alternative route through the more rustic part of the city and the sunshine on my face just felt sooo good. Got back home, prepared dinner, went to the store and helped an old lady with her groceries. 

Tonight will be a night of relaxation with a glass of wine and some crisps in front of the tv with my momsy. Why yes this was a good day :) and I’m truely happy right now. 

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